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Nintendo E3 Conference

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Retodon8 said...
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I just watched Nintendo's conference while chatting in the gamerDNA channel. If E3 was a contest, Microsoft already won... unless Sony brings it. I think it's less than an hour for their show, so I'll be there.

The thing that most appealed to me is the new Metroid, but to be honest I didn't play any of the earlier games yet, so I'm not terribly excited. :S What about a new Zelda game? I would've liked to see that! The new Mario stuff looks nice... familiar, but/so nice.

As for the rest... it seems I'm really not Nintendo's target audience. They really should show more games (and I mean actual games), and talk a lot less, but that goes for all conferences.
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Sony's conference will just be like a 30 sec montage. The rest of the time is for us to come out of the comatose state.
Yea, while I am not a Wii or DS owner, the only game that really interested me at all was Mario Galaxy 2 and mayyybe New Super Mario Bros

Though it looked kinda of pathetic. I mean, why would they add in the game mechanic where you die when you go off screen based on your teammates movement? Did they not realize that this is one extremely bad/annoying mechanic? Oh well.
@WayneMSmith Haha, nice. I skipped the conference. Watched seasons 1 and 2 of The Guild instead.
I just gathered the jist of it from G4 and the chat room.
Overall a better presentation then last year but at this point i think they would have to announce a new console, with hardware that rivals or exceeds the current marketplace, before I would get excited. They are still showing how badly they are hurting from the lack of developers for the system.

That said I would like to play the new mario and metroid. Mario is always a win in the fun dept even if it lacks the story impact of Infamous for example. Team Ninja building a metroid game is hot shizz also, it looks like a blast. But will it be the "expierence" i expect from modern console games? Probably not.
Since when is Nintendo "hurting" for anything? The Wii is still selling very well, and the DS is a license from the U.S. Mint. I saw plenty to love in the future. New Mario, Metroid, Golden Sun, Mario RPG 3, Zelda: Choo-Choo, I think I saw something on there about the DS Kingdom Hearts game. Now, if they'd just green-light a localization for the Layton games, I'd be very happy.
I wasn't expecting a totally new console, maybe an improved version of some kind, but that didn't happen. There is the Motion Plus which should add to the system quite nicely, though I can't help thinking they should have just added that functionality to the Wiimote in the first place.

Watching some Mario footage again, it does look fun. Very happy, and fun. Strangely I never played a single Mario game for more than a few minutes. I really should!

I understand by now Nintendo did officially announce they're working on a new Zelda game for the Wii. Hardly unexpected, but it's still nice to get a confirmation. The Zelda series is one I got into and got into pretty deep.

I'm more of a "hardcore" fan, and of all the companies, Nintendo is the one doing the most casual stuff. More toy/gimmick than game, more lifestyle/health/sport than game. I'm interested in some of those things on a technical level, and some of the party games look fun, but overall as the kind of gamer I am, Nintendo failed to get me excited.
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