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Retodon8's gameplay for Spelunky (PC)

Retodon8 played Spelunky

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Retodon8 said...
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I discovered the free Spelunky months ago, played it a lot, advertise it in the first gamerDNA newsletter, and then I go and don't play it any more up until now. I was waiting for a new version to come out, and today realized that happened a while ago now, so back to playing.

Something else I realized while playing is that moving along the learning curve of this game is like riding a bike. With that I mean: like before, I really suck at this game again! :) The old school, unforgiving gameplay needs some getting used to after most games these days let you make a bunch of mistakes without punishing you all that much. Regenerating health, abundant ammo strewn about the levels, warnings that you're doing something wrong...

I gave up quickly, ended up having something else to do, but I really should get back to this soon. It's still a fun game.
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