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Retodon8 played Peggle Extreme

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Retodon8 said...
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I figured I'd get this when I bought the Orange Box (still planning on doing that), but a few days ago I discovered this was made a free download on Steam. I played through the Adventure mode, like I did with the regular Peggle demo before, and reached the same conclusion: Peggle is a fun game, but although it's supposed to be really addictive, it just isn't for me.
Peggle Extreme

Peggle Extreme (PC)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 11/SEP/07
43 minutes
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Interesting - may have to give it a try...
Have fun!

Like I said, it is a fun game that's apparently completely addictive to the majority of people, so you might just love it. Sometimes a game just "clicks" with you, even if it doesn't with everybody else.
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