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Retodon8's gameplay for Legends of Zork (WEB)

Retodon8 played Legends of Zork

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Retodon8 said...
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Today was a really sucky Legends of Zork day for me. :(

I wrote about it on the Jolt forums, so I'll just copy some of the text from there.

I let Retodon8 buy a Gurthian Halberd, +350 AR, normally 1029000zm, 884940zm with his discount, spending pretty much everything he had. I also let Denroot buy an Elvish Ultra Thin Bar Mail, +355 DR, 752000zm, 676800zm with her discount, again spending about everything she had. I figured she could donate that to the clan, and I (aka primary character/clan leader Retodon8) could pass it on to Retodon8.

When I tried to give it to Retodon8, it said the character was too low level. He's only 30, not 32, and I understand there are some limits so you can't give low(er) level clan mates the best weapons right away. I made up plan B and let him donate his halberd for Denroot to use instead. I would pass it to her, also giving her her own mail back.

Again I got the message saying the character is too low level!? If a L30 can buy and use something, how is a L32 too low level? Also I can't even give her back her own stuff which she was obviously high enough level for. I understand it's more fair to buy your own high level stuff than it is to get is as a gift, so disallowing that makes some sense, but this was completely unexpected.

End result: I have two characters that still don't have proper gear, but now they're also poor again. Then there are two items being useless in the armoury for who knows how long until I can give them to either character.

I assumed both my characters would be lopsided (attack vs defense), but I was reassured that wasn't the case. Basically what counts is the sum of both values. I was pointed to the Armory article on Zorkpedia (called "Store" at the time) for specifics. In short, some of the gameplay mechanics are obscured, and because of my faulty (but in my opinion very reasonable assumptions) I screwed up. I got those replies by some friendly people who offered to help me, I think by letting me join their guild and sending me money, since apparently they're filthy rich, but since I wasn't sure I even wanted to play the game anymore, I didn't go for that option.

Early the next day I let L30 Retodon8 explore L27 Peltoid Valley. He ended up with 18k zm and 92 cards. L32 Denroot explored L30 Peltoid Valley and ended up with 104k zm and 101 cards. She levelled up to L33.
Legends of Zork

Legends of Zork (WEB)

Release Date: 01/APR/09
16 minutes
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