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Retodon8's gameplay for Legends of Zork (WEB)

Retodon8 played Legends of Zork

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Retodon8 said...
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Once more I didn't really play today, but early the next morning. Actually I think this is practically always the case according to Xfire, because I usually play after midnight, and Xfire keeps in mind my timezone. Anyway, I checked the countdown timer again, and it seems to be properly synced now. It said: "0 hours, 0 minutes" for one minute, and that is when I got new APs.

L29 Retodon8 explored L27 Peltoid Valley. He levelled up to L30 and became a Treasure Hunter like Denroot. 886k zm. 92 cards.
L32 Denroot explored L30 Peltoid Valley. She encountered lots of magical TMPs, and didn't collect many zorkmids because of that. 755k zm. 99 cards.
Legends of Zork

Legends of Zork (WEB)

Release Date: 01/APR/09
11 minutes
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