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Retodon8's gameplay for Legends of Zork (WEB)

Retodon8 played Legends of Zork

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Retodon8 said...
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Monday the 27th of July I realized I miscounted my days and wasted a very small amoung of APs. I'm getting bored with this game, caring less about losing APs. L30 Retodon8 explored more low level locations to finish the Pooky quest, which awared him 3 coconuts. No new quests on the horizon until he turns L50. 177k zm, 102 cards. L33 Denroot received 22170 zm instead of the one time only coconut deal. She then explored the L30 Peltoid Valley again not to waste any APs and to earn some more money (usually 30 APs equals about the same amount as the reward for both her and Retodon8), but she actually managed to run into a Mechanical Trap and lose the money. 257k zm. 111 cards.

Friday the 31st was the next time I played; I just kept forgetting.
After playing for a while I noticed a new L15 quest "Antharia Jack and the Hat Mislaid" was added. I got to see the Antharia Caves for the first time. Retodon8 made no progress. Denroot needed only 2 rounds to progress. Going to White Cliffs Beach next time. L30 Retodon8 explored L27 Peltoid Valley. 192k zm. 103 cards. L33 Denroot explored L30 Peltoid Valley. 266k zm. 112 cards.

Sat the 1st of August. L30 Retodon8 visited the Antharia Caves and met some Dust bunnies, which I think were new to em. Still nothing. 217k zm. 103 cards. L33 Denroot completed the quest and: "You have been awarded a Bottle o' Berzio containing 200 Action Points". Returned to L30 Peltoid Valley. 318k zm. 115 cards. I played till 190 APs. I'm assuming the 200 APs don't go bad rightaway like the other ones, since it's also possible to buy some for real life money.

Sun the 2nd L30 Retodon8 progressed with his quest a little and is now exploring Aragain Falls. 231k zm. 104 cards. L33 Denroot explored the L30 Peltoid Valley some more, getting her APs below 200 again. 332k zm. 116 cards.
Legends of Zork

Legends of Zork (WEB)

Release Date: 01/APR/09
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